A free decision-making support for Internet users

Give Internet users an estimation of the incurred risk even when the site is unknown.

The tools

We offer the Internet user two ways of obtaining a risk evaluation :

  • A proactive tool : the search engine on the site. When an Internet user has a doubt concerning an e-commerce site, he only has to enter or copy the URL address of said site on the search engine of site and launch a search. He will then obtain a risk evaluation after a few seconds only.
  • An automatic tool : the plug-in application for web browsers. The installing of the application will generate an audit of all the sites visited via this browser. The result will immediately appear on the upper right corner of the browser.

The confidence score

  • This score is the result of a technical audit of the site. When the Internet user starts an audit on a site via the search bar or via the application of the browser, a group of probes is launched and gives intermediary evaluations that are balanced and included in a final confidence score. This score can go from 100 to 0. 100 means that the site is totally reliable. 0 means that the reliability of this site is very low.
  • Interpretation of the score :
Note Interprétation Conseil
0 Counterfeit website (score validated by other Internet users) Don’t buy anything
1 à 20 No confidence Better avoid this site
21 à 40 Confidence low Remain vigilant
41 à 70 Confidence medium Average reliability
71 à 99 Confidence high Reliable site
100 No risk of imitation selling (site authenticated by our partners) Certified reliable site


The score goes from 1 to 99 and it is the result of a technical audit. However this audit is not infallible. Therefore the score is only and indication helping decision-making by drawing the attention of the Internet user on a potential risk. As such, it cannot presume of the legal or illegal character of the site. Should one score seem absurd to an Internet user, it is possible to dispute the score by using the relevant form. Besides, these scores only apply to e-commerce sites and cannot be considered valid for other sites.